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TGL: #3 Timo Andres – Home Stretch

September 28, 2013

This album. Gosh I love this album. I’ll take a bet you’ve never heard Mozart like this before. On first listening, it reminded me of a Peter Schickele romp through a classical piece. Timo Andres reimagined the left hand in the piano part (which Mozart left mostly blank in his scores) and infused the piece with contemporary harmony and rhythm and added his own sometimes surprising cadenzas. For a piece I’ve listened to a thousand times, this recording sounds so fresh. And it’s just so damn fun to listen to! The other two pieces, “Home Stretch” and “Eno Paraphrase,” are equally as captivating. Give this album a listen. It’s full of color and humor and gorgeous piano playing. Check it out on Andres’s website

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