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Mohonk Mountain House

September 4, 2012

Had a lovely performance last night accompanying the incomparable Teri Hansen and Nat Chandler in a program of music written for Hollywood films. We arrived late Monday, Labor Day, in time to see the Mountain House bathed in late-summer light. Despite the fact that both Teri and I had not slept for days (for different reasons), the performance went off without a hitch. Two of the most enjoyable moments for me were Nat’s sublime “Gigi” and Teri’s moving interpretation of “Crazy World.” I learn so much from those two, mostly about being honest with the text/music/interpretation. I also spent some time with Gloria Parker, who introduced me to her “Stealth Martini,” aptly named because it sneaks up on you. Gin, vodka, and just a mist of vermouth. Mohonk is a beautiful resort, and I hope to visit again someday.

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