Musical Theater

Camp Baco

July 14, 2012

By some twist of fate, I’ve found my way to a Starbucks in the Adirondacks and am currently enjoying a stiff grande latte and a zephyr of AC from the overhead vents. Tonight the drama staff and I open “Legally Blonde” with the older kids in camp. There are only two performances, and unfortunately they cancelled our European tour halfway through the rehearsal process. Alas. Truthfully, I’m proud of these kids – for the most part, they have no vocal/dance/acting training whatsoever, and we still manage to put on quite a show. What they do have is a lot of heart, which you can’t really teach.

We’ve put together a small pit, with piano, keyboard, and drums. Anything more would overpower the kids’ voices. I should also say that the summer really revolves around transposing just about every number in the show down a tritone or so, which, quite honestly, is good practice. I usually come home a better musician than when I start.

Summer is beautiful here. I run 3-4 times a week through the mountains, swim in the ice-cold lake, and try to take in as much of the night sky as possible. That’s the way summer should be, I think.

Two more weeks and I’ll be home in NYC, rushing around planning the wedding and prepping for a few random gigs. In the meantime, it’s musical theater, mountains, and locally-brewed draughts with friends. Not a bad way to spend 5 weeks.

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