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Thank God for Deciduous Trees

October 21, 2014

Thank God for deciduous trees. We caught Springfield, Missouri right in the middle of a remarkably beautiful Autumn, and the trees are bursting with color. It’s mild here, warmer than any of us expected. Having traveled much of the country, Richard and I sometimes play the “where could you see yourself living” game. I’m not so sure I could see myself in Missouri, but I’m certain I’d want to wind up in a place that had some sort of Autumnal season. There’s something about the cool air and warm sunshine, the flavors of pumpkin and root vegetables, hipster acoustic guitar-driven music softly cooing in coffeeshops (yes, I’m that guy). This is a season for writing novels, celebrating thankfulness, and wearing cable knit cardigans. We’ll be here in Springfield for another few days, ironing out the technical kinks of the production, and then we ship off to Oklahoma. In the meantime, it’s flannel shirts, chai tea, and Instagramed photos of foliage. It’s all very pretentious, I know. But damn does it make me happy.

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