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Musical Theater

Musical Theater

Thoughts From the Podium

The view from the conductor chair at North Shore Music Theatre includes a panoramic view of the audience, akin to one of those wonderful 1940s Weegee photographs of moviegoers. It’s a front row seat not only to the play but to the audience. There…

July 22, 2018
Musical Theater

Autumn Updates

For weekly photos, video, and updates from the road, check back here at For more info on The Producers, including tour itinerary, ticket and show information, check out   Happy Autumn!…

September 15, 2015
Musical Theater Travel

Thank God for Deciduous Trees

Thank God for deciduous trees. We caught Springfield, Missouri right in the middle of a remarkably beautiful Autumn, and the trees are bursting with color. It’s mild here, warmer than any of us expected. Having traveled much of the country, Richard and I sometimes…

October 21, 2014
Musical Theater

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas starts early for us again this year! We’re currently in rehearsals for the National Tour of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s my third year with the production, and it is new and fresh every year. Check the locations and dates…

October 12, 2014
Musical Theater Photography Travel

Tsuyu and Tea

This is “tsuyu,” or the the rainy season in Tokyo, which usually lasts from early June to mid July. The combination of humidity and heat is palpable, and everyone keeps an umbrella on hand to anticipate the inevitable showers. We are staying at a…

July 7, 2014