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Rehearsal Photographs

I think sometimes I find behind-the-scenes images more fascinating than the main event. It’s rare to find truly candid photographs in the age of premeditated selfies. Here are a few shots from our rehearsals in New York, and a few from our time in Syracuse. Those pictured…

October 29, 2015
Terrible Latte Art

Really Terrible Latte Art #10

Remember that day when I almost did the thing? I knew it from the moment I started to foam the milk. I said, “Pete, this is going to be the day.” And lo, there came into being a mildly-passable latte. I say “mildly-passable” because…

September 1, 2015
Terrible Latte Art

Really Terrible Latte Art #5

Now, I mean I was really trying with this one. The sweat beads forming on my forehead and everything. This is probably the closest I’ve gotten to anything remotely resembling what they make in the coffeeshops. It’s an hommage to oyster shells, or it’s…

July 29, 2015