Thank God for Deciduous Trees

Springfield, MO

Thank God for deciduous trees. We caught Springfield, Missouri right in the middle of a remarkably beautiful Autumn, and the trees are bursting with color. It’s mild here, warmer than any of us expected. Having traveled much of the country, Richard and I sometimes play the “where could you see yourself living” game. I’m not so sure I could see myself in Missouri, but I’m certain I’d want to wind up in a place that had some sort of Autumnal season. There’s something about the cool air and warm sunshine, the flavors of pumpkin and root vegetables, hipster acoustic guitar-driven music softly cooing in coffeeshops (yes, I’m that guy). This is a season for writing novels, celebrating thankfulness, and wearing cable knit cardigans. We’ll be here in Springfield for another few days, ironing out the technical kinks of the production, and then we ship off to Oklahoma. In the meantime, it’s flannel shirts, chai tea, and Instagramed photos of foliage. It’s all very pretentious, I know. But damn does it make me happy.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas starts early for us again this year! We’re currently in rehearsals for the National Tour of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s my third year with the production, and it is new and fresh every year. Check the locations and dates below, and if you live anywhere near these cities, please come visit us. And if you do come, stop by the pit and say hello – I’ll either be behind behind the keyboard or conducting from the podium. Fah Who Foraze!

2014 National Tour

Springfield, MO – (Oct. 21-25)
Oklahoma City, OK – (Oct. 28-Nov. 2)
Tulsa, OK – (Nov. 4-9)
Albuquerque, NM – (Nov. 11-16)
Salt Lake City, UT – (Nov. 18-23)

If you can’t make it to see us perform in person, you can always check out the cast album that we recorded for Sony Masterworks Broadway here.

One of My Favorite Things

Of all the pleasures in my life, few can compare to a beautifully-crafted macaron. Especially when it’s packaged in a pristine box, set atop a small ice pack to ensure proper temperature, and handed to you by a kind, adorable Japanese woman. Heaven in a small pastry.



Tsuyu and Tea

This is “tsuyu,” or the the rainy season in Tokyo, which usually lasts from early June to mid July. The combination of humidity and heat is palpable, and everyone keeps an umbrella on hand to anticipate the inevitable showers.


We are staying at a hotel in Shinjuku, a few stations away from the Theatre Orb, a beautiful space built into the 11th floor of a massive shopping mall, Hikarie. The hotel has a gorgeous view of downtown Tokyo and a host of creature comforts, including this tea set. Any hotel that gives you a teapot for your daily use is okay by me.



We rehearse tomorrow and open the show on Wednesday night. It’s so nice to be back in Japan.

Tokyo, Japan

We arrived in Tokyo, Japan yesterday after a fairly uneventful 14-hour flight from NYC. Everyone from the Bring It On team is safe and sound and trying to adjust as best they can to the time change. It’s lovely to be back in this incredible city and to eat at some of our favorite spots. Above is the view from our hotel in Shinjuku. We’re here for three weeks, so check back for updates and more photos from the tour.